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Please check back before the meetings for weather cancellations or other changes!
  Maps of our meeting locations are below.
LCCS Monthly Meeting Google Calendar


 LCCS Technology Resource Center

123 S. 3rd St

Newark, ohio



REPAIR SIG: Tuesday 4/1/14 7pm 123 S. 3rd. St. 

REPAIR SIG: Saturday 4/5/14 1pm 123 S. 3rd St.

DIGITAL IMAGE SIG  Tuesday 4/8/14 7pm 123 S. 3rd St.

RECYCLING EVENT: Friday and Saturday 4/11and 4/12 9am to 4pm Oakwood ave.

IPAD SIG: Tuesday 4/15/14 7pm 123 S. 3rd St.

REPAIR SIG: Saturday 4/19/14 1pm 123 S. 3rd. St.

EXECUTIVE MEETING: Saturday 4/19/14 3pm 123 S. 3rd. St.

LINUX SIG: Friday 4/25/14 1pm 123 S. 3rd St.

GENERAL MEETING: Sunday 4/27/14 2pm 123 S. 3rd St.  (see below)

Wanted you to have some important information about the next two month's General Meetings and their respective programs.

As a reminder, the April General Meeting was moved to the 4th Sunday (April 27th) due to Easter falling on the third Sunday.  The meeting will still begin at 2:30 with our "gathering" time starting around 2:00.  The topic for April's Program is:  "Spring Cleaning: Inside/Outside and Deep Within".  Of course this applies to your computer and not your house.  The program will be in two parts with Ken Bixler discussing the cleaning of the actual computer both inside and out (something I bet some of you haven't done in a while).  Then John Kennedy will share some of the programs that are used to clean out the hard drive and your Windows operating system.  So join us on the 27th, bring your non-member friends (and get them to become members) and anyone that might be interested in cleaning up their computer.

The May General Meeting will be held on the regular 3rd Sunday (May 18th) also beginning with the gathering at 2:00, business meeting at 2:30 and followed by another program.  The topic for May's Program will be a panel presentation on: "Back Up Software: Use It or Lose It".  This is a follow-up program from last year's program on backing up your computer.  There was a lot of questions about specific software programs and how to do it.  So we are planning on having some people talk about what backup software they use and how they do it.  You will be exposed to the very simplest of ways to back up your data yourself and setting up programs to do it for you.  In addition you may find out how to backup files locally or to some outside location.  So join us on the 18th, bring that friend again (maybe this time they will join up) and anyone that might be interested in starting the habit (not the bad one).

AND here's the best part about the May meeting: we're going to have another raffle.  Because the topic is related to backing up, we are again going to raffle off two data storage devices.  The big one will be another 1 TB Western-Digital external hard drive, and the other will be a 64 GB Kingston USB 3.0 USB/thumb drive.  The first ticket drawn will have their choice of which storage device they want (personally I'm going for the USB).  Tickets will again be sold at any LCCS function beginning with this week's Linux Help Desk, next week's Repair Help Desks (Tuesday and Saturday), and of course at our General Meetings.  Tickets will cost a flat $1.00 per ticket and you can buy as many tickets as you want.

John Kennedy


Bring food or $$$$ for the Licking County Food Bank.

We have approximately 140 paid members, and it appears that under 20 people access the web board for this Bonus Word information? Don't let someone else receive your door prize when it is right there waiting for you. In addition to that, when you have a really important question you want answered right away, you'll know how to post it and find the replies.

Bring any empty ink or toner cartridges for our recycling program.
Check our web board for a bonus word for extra door prize ticket (sign up from link below if not already on the web board)



The Reece Center- 123 S. 3rd Street Newark, Ohio

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