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Please check back before the meetings for weather cancellations or other changes!
  Maps of our meeting locations are below.
LCCS Monthly Meeting Google Calendar


 LCCS Technology Resource Center

123 S. 3rd St

Newark, ohio


REPAIR SIG: Tuesday 9/2/14 @ 7pm 123 S. 3rd St.

REPAIR SIG: Saturday 9/6/14 @ 1pm 123 S. 3rd St.

EXECUTIVE MEETING: Saturday 9/6/14 @ 3pm 123 S. 3rd St.

DIGITAL IMAGE SIG   Tuesday 9/9/14 @ 7pm 123 S. 3rd St.

WINDOWS HELP ME/SHOW ME: Friday 9/12/14 @ 9am 123 S. 3rd St.

LINUX SIG: Friday 9/12/14 @ 1pm 123 S. 3rd St.

IPAD SIG: Tuesday 9/16/14 @ 7pm 123 S. 3rd St.

REPAIR SIG: Saturday 9/20/14 @ 1pm 123 S. 3rd St.

GENERAL MEETING: Sunday 9/21/14 @ 2pm 123 S. 3rd St.  (see below)

LINUX SIG: Friday 9/26/14 @ 1pm 123 S. 3rd St.

RECYCLING EVENT: OCTOBER 3rd and 4th TIME: 9am to 4pm (see flyer)


“Everyday Digital Photography”, the program for September 21st General Meeting, will have many useful and informative tips/tricks for the casual digital image photographer.  We’ll address a number of activities or "how do I do that" questions.  Today's high-tech cameras (both hand held and cell phone) take multiple sized photos that many people don't know how to change or which to use when taking pictures.  We'll discuss the different sizes that can be used, and for what purpose they are used.  With large capacity storage cards in your camera, you can/should take as many pictures as you want and not worry if they are good or not (Secret Note: Professional photographers take hundreds of "not so good" pictures to get that single good shot), and not be concerned about what they might cost (Free John reminds you that digital images don't cost a thing).  When your cards get full and you’re ready to do something with those pictures, we’ll show you “how do you get them out of the camera or off the card”, “where do you put them”, and “what do you name them”?  And what do I do with them after they are on the computer?  How do I send them to my family and friends?  Once I no longer want a picture, can I get rid of it?  For the answer to these and many other questions that the casual digital photographer might have, join John Kennedy (a truly casual, not expert, novice picture taker) on September 21st, right after the business meeting that begins at 2:30 p.m.

 For more detailed answers and further information about anything to do with Digital Imaging, you are invited to LCCS's monthly Digital Image Help Desk, where those that really know the answers (like David, Ron, and Rich to name a few) help out those that have the questions (like John, Lee, and Mary Frances to name a few).  The Help Desk meets the 2nd Tuesday of every month at 7:00 p.m.  All LCCS members are invited to attend FREE and guests are always welcome but will be encouraged to become members of the Licking County Computer Society.

Bring food or $$$$ for the Licking County Food Bank.

We have approximately 140 paid members, and it appears that under 20 people access the web board for this Bonus Word information? Don't let someone else receive your door prize when it is right there waiting for you. In addition to that, when you have a really important question you want answered right away, you'll know how to post it and find the replies.

Bring any empty ink or toner cartridges for our recycling program.
Check our web board for a bonus word for extra door prize ticket (sign up from link below if not already on the web board)



The Reece Center- 123 S. 3rd Street Newark, Ohio

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